Shahnawaz Akhter

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
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KARACHI: The Directorate General of Trade Organization (DGTO) has cancelled the registration of two women chambers belonging to Sindh for failure of the trade bodies to meet the criteria, industry sources said on Monday.

The licences were given for two years in 2009 to consolidate their strength and to meet the mandatory requirements of DGTO.

However, both the chambers, including Sindh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Karachi Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry were unable to comply with the laws, the sources said.

Interestingly, the two chambers were only representatives in Sindh as they represent women in mainstream business activities.

In the latest list of chambers released by the DGTO, both the women trade bodies were eliminated, the sources said.

However, women representations from other provinces are still on the list.

There are eight women chambers on the list, which included Islamabad WCCI, WCCI Lahore Division, WCCI Multan Division, WCCI Mardan Division, WCCI Peshawar Division, WCCI Quetta, WCCI Quetta Division, and WCCI Bahawalpur Division.


The sources said that the DGTO notified the cancellation of Sindh WCCI, which was headed by Rukhsana Jehangir, who was at that time vice president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

“Despite cancellation of licence of the trade bodies, keeping a woman on the post of the vice president was unlawful act of the FPCCI,” a source said.

The industry sources said that the women chambers were established to strengthen the number of votes in favour of some vested interests in the FPCCI.

The DGTO has launched a drive to eliminate inactive or fake trade bodies for bringing genuine representation in the national chamber.

In the Trade Organization Rules, 2013, the procedure and criteria for getting registration and renewal of the licence by a women chamber has been defined.

The chambers for women entrepreneurs have been included in the latest law for developing representation in the best interests of women entrepreneurs and for their business concerns, besides training of women.


A women chamber is required at least 200 members for the formation of a trade body, which is 300 in the case of other chambers and 500 in the case of chamber of small traders, the sources said.

“Where the number of prospective members desiring to form a women’s chamber in an administration division is less than 100, they may join an adjoining licensed women’s chamber,” according to the rules.

Last year, the government had formally approved the law and the rules to streamline the trade associations in the country, which have major role in bringing the business leadership for the economic development of the co

In this connection, the DGTO, a wing of the Ministry of Commerce, has started scrutiny of trade bodies and their activities.


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